What to expect

At the moment, due to the pandemic, all my therapy is being conducted online rather than in person. 

This means that it is important that you are able to find somewhere that is private and where you can be comfortable for our sessions.

I normally meet my clients using a video meeting software called Zoom, although we can discuss other video meeting applications if they meet your needs better. 

I do not normally offer telephone counselling because it can be valuable that, where possible, we are able to see each other.

We will meet for a 50 minute session at a regular time each week.

Our work will be based in conversations focussed on your feelings and needs. Together we will create a relaxed, safe and confidential relationship for you to share and explore your feelings in. 

I charge £40 per session and offer a written contract detailing what you should expect, the boundaries of the work and my business terms.

Before deciding to work together, we will have an initial assessment meeting where we can discuss what you want to get out of therapy and you can gain some insight into what it would be like to work with me. I charge £20 for this assessment session.   

My training is in a humanistic integrative model that combines theoretical perspectives from various counselling and psychotherapy schools with an aim to provide the best help to you that I am able to give, and the support you most need.

My integration includes concepts from Gestalt, Object Relations, Attachment, Self-Psychology and Internal Family Systems to ensure I am able to work in a Relational approach putting attunement to, and exploration of your emotional needs and experiences at the heart of our therapeutic work.